Is your school the next
Woolies water hero?

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Each year the Woolworths Making the Difference programme and MySchool look forward to celebrating World water day on the 22nd March. This year, Woolworths is also on a quest to discover the next school water hero.

MTD will host a water competition, during the month of March, to acknowledge schools in South Africa actively working to save water. Schools are encouraged to share their water-saving initiatives and sustainable plan, with the chance to win a water tank with filtration and a handwashing station for their school to the value of R100 000.

To enter, learners should write and/or upload a high-level report highlighting their challenges faced, achievements and the overall impact of their sustainable water conservation efforts.

The competition is subject to the following terms & conditions.

This year, Woolworths and MySchool intend to:

  1. Recognise the creativity and Innovation of a water conscious school.
  2. Recognise a school for its water awareness.
  3. Celebrate the sustainable water saving plan created by a water hero school